Stop assuming, start knowing

The Idea Inquest validates your idea with your audience. It ensures that they want it, that you’re solving their problems, and that it will make you money while making them happy.

What the Idea Inquest aims to solve

Instead of potentially creating the wrong thing…

Instead of comparing yourself to your competitors…

Instead of being unprepared for the world wide web…

Instead of a marketing free-for-all…

Instead of a bunch of ideas and assumptions…


Instead of:
  • Being pulled in a thousand directions by unfocused ideas
  • Worrying about whether your idea will be a success
  • Stressing about planning, marketing, building, and optimizing your idea
  • Wasting months building a prototype just to get investor dollars
  • Struggling to find product/market-fit
  • Losing sleep over trying to figure out how to scale
You'll get:
  • An understanding of what your customers think, their "worldviews"
  • A clear list of features, products, or values to offer to your audience
  • A digital marketing roadmap to understand how, where, and when to target your audience
  • A straightforward content calendar to know what to create and why
  • An outline of your competitors strategies and weaknesses
  • An action plan to get your website to the front page of Google
  • An actionable business strategy that tells you how much money and how long your idea will take
  • All of the raw research data